Sunday, March 21, 2010

Theater-D.C. : Why the Liberty Movement Will Never Gain Significant Traction

Here we go again.  With the impending passage of health care "reform" all but wrapped up tonight, Theater-D.C. is setting the stage for more "good-cop, bad-cop" shenanigans in November.  The biggest losers in this on-going Theater-D.C. production, besides the American taxpayer, is of course the liberty/smaller government movement.

Yes, the two-headed monster that is the "lesser of two evils"/"wasted vote syndrome" mentality is going to rear it's ugly head once again in November and virtually press the "reset button"  on any gains the Libertarian Party and/or Ron Paul supporters have made over the last few years.  Once again, voters will be saying things like "I WANT to vote libertarian, but I just can't afford to waste my vote, only Republicans can realistically work to repeal this health care mess!", and once again, Theater D.C. will win Tony Awards for Best Director and Best Actor in the Good Cop/Bad Cop category.

This mentality is, of course, nothing new, and Theater-D.C. knows it.  Theater D.C. has mastered the good-cop/bad-cop scene, and this is why no non-Republocrat party will ever gain significant traction against them.   If voters aren't casting their vote against imperialistic wars, they're casting them against tax dollar-sucking social programs...the elected performers of Theater D.C. just take turns bathing in our coerced box office revenues.

I've been saying this for a while now: There is only ONE political party in the United States, and that party's name is Theater D.C..  If you believe otherwise, go take your daily blue pill, because "Ignorance is bliss".



Kent McManigal said...

The "system" is rigged anyway. The sooner people who understand and value liberty stop wasting their time playing "politics" the sooner they can get on with simply carving liberty out of the life surrounding them. I know it is frustrating to those who have been trained to "work within the system" while having the majority of the system hidden from their view and being told it doesn't exist. Liberty will never be found in politics.

Zelig Skykiller said...

some theater. no popcorn. and some dude in the bathroom tried to play footsie with me.