Friday, April 2, 2010

"It's not about a bunny."

On the way to the bowling alley and Texas Brahmas hockey games lately, I've noticed yet another of those annoyingly smug billboards from those deceiving idiots at

Said billboard's Easter message smugly reads:

"It's not about a bunny."

At first I was irritated, my usual reaction to any of those insidious "I am Second" billboards, but the other day I got to chuckling and thought to myself,  

"You know, they're right.  It's most definitely NOT about a "bunny", that would be SILLY!   It's about a fictional Jewish zombie!"

I hope to see the day when some enterprising atheist group with deep pockets counters with my version of the billboard.  Of course, this is bible-belt Texas, so you'd have to find a billboard-owning company with the balls to sell the billboard space and who isn't worried about offending the delusional masses.

Good luck with that.


Image from here.


Lefty Banana said...

I'd have been tempted to graffiti it with just such a message :)

Zelig Skykiller said...

also... if it's not about a bunny then why did those zealous idiots incorporate the bunny into their celebration of a 2000 year old murder? oh, i know why, to get the pagans to convert.... cuz those pagans love them some bunnies... which is really just a symbol for multiplication and by multiplication i mean 'fucking'... leave it to the christians to incorporate fucking into their morbid holidays.


The Whited Sepulchre said...

It's not about Jewish Zombies, it's about abandoning the cause an allowing your brilliant blog to be overtaken by Spammers ! ! !

Daniel said...

Hilarious! Spot on.

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