Thursday, March 4, 2010

From The Whited Sepulchre: What We Say vs. What They Hear

Apologies to The Whited Sepulchre for swiping this, but I couldn't resist.  The "retard" side is so freaking accurate in regards to the misinformation memes floating around about libertarians.  Click the link or the image to better see the table.



Tim Lebsack said...

This is an excellent chart. I am sorely in need of improving my skills at communicating libertarianism.
Every time I talk to one of those statist pricks it seems like the mofo gets all riled up and thinks I'm planning on starving all his bastard children.

Kent McManigal said...

(I apologize for all the links, but they are important to my points.)

I admit I may be a bit more radical than some, since I do think all taxation is wrong. And I don't think any externally imposed government is a good thing.

I do want "total anarchy" (not to be confused with "chaos") since it is the only social system that really works, and is where we all spend the vast majority of our lives.

I am constantly amazed and dismayed that statists see no way to provide the services that are supposed to be provided (but really aren't) by police and fire departments without stealing money to fund them, and without giving government control of these functions. Coercion is NEVER the best way to solve a problem. If something really needs to be solved (which sometimes needs to be examined as well) there is a solution that does not involve coercion and theft. Always.

Regulations are not a good way to deal with fraud, especially when you give the biggest perpetrator of fraud the power to police and punish fraud. Regulations are not the solution. The market is. It works when given a chance (and often even when criminalized).

And, you and I should absolutely be able to own tanks and rocket launchers if we can afford to buy them. Why not? They are tools. Owning tools should be no one else's business as long as you are not initiating force or threatening to do so. The prohibition is on inititating force, not on owning a tool you might use if you foolishly decide to initiate force.

What race, sex, sexual preference, religion, or "nationality" someone is matters about as much to me as what they ate for breakfast on their third birthday. As long as they are not attacking anyone and not defrauding anyone that is all that matters.

That's what it keeps coming back to: the fact that it is wrong to attack anyone, to steal from anyone, or to defraud anyone, no matter what silly hat you wear to excuse your evil actions.

Zelig Skykiller said...

as a self admitting novice when it comes to knowing what exactly Libertarianism means, I must say this chart helps clear some things up. Even if it means I was one retarded. lol.