Friday, February 19, 2010

Hijack the Language, Hijack the Nation

First, a disclaimer: I in no way condone flying planes into buildings or any other chicken-shit form of violence that kills, maims, or otherwise injures unsuspecting people, no matter what the cause.  

So if you are a jackbooted agent of the government trolling the Interwebs in search of potential threats to our Quasi-Fascist/Commie nation and you read the following blog entry and conclude that I am red-flag worthy, know this:  Even if I was so inclined, mentally, to act out in violent rage against the "Progressive" Cartel that has hijacked our nation, I am too old, fat, lazy, wussified, and grossly out of shape to ever actually commit any act of violence...hell, I'm getting winded just typing these words.  So chill the fuck out, I'm just a fat-ass working a keyboard.

That being said, I was reading the alleged online suicide note/manifesto of the alleged "lunatic" who flew a small airplane into an IRS office building in Austin, TX yesterday, and I found myself nodding my head vigorously and actually agreeing with this guy's beef against our national army of tax collectors.  He railed on our out-of-control, corrupt national government and he railed on the Fat Cat Big Business Cartel.  I thought he was coming to the same conclusion that I came to a long time ago, then I read the last two lines of his letter:

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

I wanted to scream.  Yet another fucking moron blaming capitalism for the crimes perpetrated by corporatism, or more specifically, given the corruption element, Crony Capitalism.

Repeat something enough times, and people will believe it. 

That's the mechanism by which the meaning of this word:

Main Entry: cap·i·tal·ism
Pronunciation: \ˈka-pə-tə-ˌliz-əm, ˈkap-tə-, British also kə-ˈpi-tə-\
Function: noun
Date: 1877
: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

...has been hijacked and made synonymous with this one:

Main Entry: greed
Pronunciation: \ˈgrēd\
Function: noun
Etymology: back-formation from greedy
Date: 1609
: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed

,,,and by association, this concept:

Main Entry: free market
Function: noun
Date: 1897
: an economic market operating by free competition.

...has become collateral damage.

If you truly believe that we have a free market economy, despite the mountains of laws regulating American businesses(including the health care industry), and you want to blame this alleged "free market" and "capitalism" on our nation's current economic/health care woes, then with all due respect, you are a moronic fucktard and need to open your goddamned eyes.

This moronic fucktard that flew his plane into the IRS building correctly identified all of the toxic elements poisoning our nation and economy, but he failed miserably to connect the dots and identify the true culprit:
Crony Capitalism
 : A description of capitalist society as being based on the close relationships between businessmen and the state. Instead of success being determined by a free market and the rule of law, the success of a business is dependent on the favoritism that is shown to it by the ruling government in the form of tax breaks, government grants and other incentives.

...which is basically this:

Main Entry: cor·po·rat·ism
Pronunciation: \ˈkr-p(ə-)rə-ˌti-zəm\
Function: noun
Date: 1890
: the organization of a society into industrial and professional corporations serving as organs of political representation and exercising control over persons and activities within their jurisdiction.

When corporate fat cats are garnering favors from elected officials in the form of taxpayer funded grants/bailouts/"stimulus funding", not to mention writing legislation that favors their interests while crushing others, this hardly makes for a "free" market.  And without a free market, Jack, you do not have "capitalism".

The "Progressive" Cartel that has managed to infiltrate our government over the last 60 or so years wants to convince you that free markets and "capitalism" are the harbingers of economic doom, when in fact it is their very own interventionist policies that enable the true culprits mentioned above, corporatism and crony capitalism.

I'm betting that the progressive cheerleaders in the mainstream media are going to be using this guy's disgruntlement with the IRS(and subsequent violent act)  to smear the Tea Party movement, libertarians, and anyone else who wants to dismantle the progressive's abominable brainchild, aka the Progressive Income Tax.  

No, Plane Crashing Fucktard didn't "stick it to the man", he just aided the Progressive Cartel and their army of Useful Idiots in the media in further hijacking our language and thus, our nation.

-- Browncoat


Zelig Skykiller said...

so you're saying this is a semantics issue? that capitalism and corporatism are being confused as the same thing? okay. how do we get our language back? obviously, planes into buildings does not work.

Browncoat Libertarian said...

I'm saying that the concept of a free market economy is being assassinated by this "semantic issue". I'm saying that the unintended consequences of government intervention into the economy are being ignored and the "free" market is being used as the fall guy for said consequences.

What's the knee-jerk response to these unintended consequences? More intervention, which spawns more unintended consequences. What inevitably ends up taking the fall in the marketplace of ideas? "Capitalism" and the "free market".

How do we get our language back? I don't know. When our major news outlets insist on editorializing news headlines ( instead of, I dunno, practicing journalism, then the battle is all but lost.

However, recognizing that the problem exists is probably a good start.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Obama simply needs to create a Language Czar. They'll create a committee which can clarify and get rid of confusing words, like capitalism because:

Plusbig waste is in adjectives. Plusbig waste is timing the language to scientific advance. It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.

The secret is to move from translation, to direct thought, to automatic response. No need for self-discipline. Language coming from here
[points to larynx] not from here [points to brain]